Edamame Soy Bean 'Midori Giant' seed packet

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  • Edamame Soy Bean 'Midori Giant' seed packet

#1416 EDAMAME SOY BEAN 'Midori Giant' Certified Organic Seeds for URBAN GARDENING


URBAN GARDENING is the art of planting in containers or raised beds in a patio environment.
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Packet Size: 3.25" x 4.5"



Organic Edamame may be planted in a patio/balcony environment by using containers or raised beds. Midori Giant is a bushy, early-maturing plant variety about 20-24 inches tall. Use a 5 gallon size container or larger, with drainage holes will support 1 or 2 plants. Fill with pre-fertilized potting soil. After all danger of frost is past, plant 3 or 4 seeds 1-1.5" deep, 3-4" apart, thin out to 1-2 plants per pot when they are 2-3" tall.. Place in a sunny location. Keep soil moist and damp but not wet. If soil feels dry to the touch one inch deep, add water until it drains out the bottom of your pot. Harvest when pods are plump. Cook the pods by boiling five minutes in salt water. Discard the pod shells before eating the sweet buttery tasting beans. You can also dip the cooked pods in coarse salt and pop the beans right into your mouth, discarding the pod shell.

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