Since its founding in 1958, functioning as a small, family-operated perennial plant farm in Holland, Michigan, Walters Seed Company has been recognized as a leader in the production of seed packets as gifts to accompany perennial purchases, or for use as promotional premiums.

Over time, the company has developed a recognized expertise in the development of promotional intitiatives that focus on sustainability, health, nutrition, recycling, ecological stewardship and natural beauty. Walters Seed goes far beyond merely supplying seed packets for use as a promotional items. It takes the lead in helping major, worldwide organizations to put their Earth-friendly principles into action.

Through efforts such as anti-hunger campaigns in cooperation with NGOs and corporate-sponsored educational programs for children, Walters Seed is proud of its positive impact on people worldwide.

Our Mission: To Partner with Retail establishments and Corporations and the Causes they Support in the Areas of:

  • Non Profit Groups/Hunger Relief Agencies/Social Services
  • Environmental Awareness Campaigns/Earth Day/City Beautification Programs
  • Nutrition and Health Awareness
  • Children's Education/Life Skills/Health Lifestyles